Walk for Health

Walking is one of the easiest ways to increase your physical activity and improve your health. Walking can increase your lungs' ability to take in oxygen, lower blood pressure, strengthen your heart, help reduce body fat, and improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

This past year GreenTrips members have burned over 760,000 calories by walking over 7,000 miles.

This month we have extra rewards for walking trips. Try walking to work, school, the grocery store, a restaurant or to do errands.

  • Transportation in Sister Cities

    Green Trips intern Judith Gottwald shares her experience of transportation in Chattanooga and our sister city Hamm, Germany.

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  • On the Bus, On My Own

    15 year old Zachary Cross and his father, Jeffrey Cross, share their experiences and decision as a family to encourage Zachary to walk, bike, and bus on his own.

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  • EPB Shares Its Environmental Goals

    “ taking care of the environment is really an extension of our public service mission.”

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