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Recently, some new businesses have started offering ways to get around that compliment the great, long-term services from CARTA and others. Take a look at these new options below, and use these service to get where you’re going and earn great rewards with GreenTrips.


Chatty Wagon uses 100% electric carts to help folks get around downtown quickly. While the geographic area is limited, this new, free to use service can help users park once and get to multiple destinations around downtown.

In their own words:

”ChattyWagon is an eco-friendly, safe, ride option that helps downtown Chattanooga mobilize. We partner with brands to provide free rides in 100% electric vehicles. Download our app, take a ride, and enjoy the experience!"

How to get started: Just download the ChattyWagon app for iOS or Android. You can set a pickup and dropoff location in the app, and get a ride to your destination for free.

How to log it: Since GreenTrips is designed to help reduce traffic congestion, please log the trips where you use ChattyWagon instead of driving alone. It’s a great, fun, convenient service, but please don’t log trips you would have walked.

Enterprise Rideshare

Enterprise Rideshare provides vanpool vehicles and helps connect coworkers with similar schedules and commutes. Members share driving responsibilities—but more importantly, they help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution by sharing the ride. Some members can even keep the vehicle for personal use outside of working hours, and many of the costs of ownership (e.g. insurance, fuel, maintenance) are covered by Enterprise. Enterprise RideShare is open to groups of 4 - 15 and users have a wide option of passenger van or SUV models.

In their own words:
“Rideshare by Enterprise is a complete turn-key program which includes a brand-new vehicle, insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, fuel card program, guaranteed ride home, and much more!” - Zarema Maxwell, Rideshare Account Executive.

To find the latest information on vanpools in your area (or even better, to start one), just reach out to Zarema Maxwell at 248-229-9354 or

How to log it: Any trip where you choose to share the ride as opposed to driving alone to your destination counts as a GreenTrip, so just log your vanpool trips and watch the points pile up!

Hytch Rewards
Hytch Rewards is a new program designed to reward carpooling and public transit by paying users. In Hamilton County, the service pays 5¢ for each mile that Hytch members travel together. Users download the app and invite their friends, neighbors, and coworkers to join. Instead of logging their trips, the program uses mobile phone locations to detect when multiple members are traveling in the same vehicle (either carpool or public transportation).

How to get started: download the app, invite friends, and just carpool or take the bus together!

How to log it: GreenTrips offers rewards for carpooling and public transportation trips, so just take those trips, log them on GreenTrips, and earn rewards on top of the monetary reward you get from Hytch!

BOOST Bikes on Bike Chattanooga

While Bike Chattanooga has been on the scene since 2013, They have recently added a new way to make it easier for more people to reach more destinations. Electric pedal-assist BOOST bikes make it easier to go longer distances and up steeper hills. These bikes automatically detect when the going gets tough, and give you a boost to keep you going.

In their own words:
“The BOOST pedal assist bikes are a great addition to the already existing fleet of bikes. You will enjoy a smooth, fun and easy ride across long distances, up steeper hills and against stronger headwinds. The BOOST bikes allow you to go further, faster, without breaking a sweat.” - Joannah Burkhardt, General Manager, Bike Chattanooga

How to get started: Just like regular bikes, a BOOST bike can be unlocked with a member key or rental code from kiosk purchase or Transit App. Find where Boost bikes are docked by using the CycleFinder App. You can use BOOST bikes just like any other bike and dock at any Bike Chattanooga station (overage fees will still apply for trips lasting more than 60 minutes, so to avoid these fees dock the bike in fewer than 59 minutes).

How to log it: Just like other Bike Chattanooga trips, any time you take a trip to a destination on a Bike Chattanooga bike you can log it for rewards from GreenTrips (remember, recreational rides—while a lot of fun—don’t affect traffic congestion so don’t count for GreenTrips).


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