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GreenTrips was recently honored with a 2017 Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Award. Our mission is to reduce traffic congestion and airborne pollution, and being simultaneously recognized by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and the Tennessee Department of Transportation for achievements in both those areas is a tremendous honor.
This award joins the Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award for Environmental Education and Outreach that GreenTrips received in 2015. Receiving awards is a rewarding experience in itself, but more importantly it helps shine a light on the accomplishments of our members, our employer partners, and our community.
Our Accomplishments Are Your Accomplishments

GreenTrips is recognized for achievements in reducing traffic congestion and air pollution by encouraging the adoption of more efficient modes of transportation. Those achievements—over 3.1 million miles sustainably traveled and over 2.1 million pounds of airborne pollution avoided—are only possible thanks to actions of our 1,700+ members. We know it is only through your choices that we can improve air quality and traffic congestion for our community. Thank you!

Employer Partners

One of the foundations of the program’s success has been our partnership with local employers. We know this, and do our best to highlight those businesses who partner with us to show that a concern for profit and caring for the planet are compatible goals supported by cooperative strategies. We are proud to have the support of our employer partners, and are continuing to add new workplaces to this great group.

Communities with Vision See the Way Forward

Speaking to the Times Free Press at the Sustainable Transportation Forum, Commissioner Bob Martineau of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation highlighted our community’s role in making Tennessee a greener, healthier state even while attracting additional investment and industry. "We want to recognize what Chattanooga and other communities are doing," he said, adding that the area “certainly has been in the forefront” of positive environmental impact.

These awards serve as more than just recognition. They help remind us of the accomplishments that point the way for future growth. We are dedicated to continuing to build the best program we can to help our community enjoy clean air and reclaim our commutes from congestion. We know that it is a path that will lead to additional accomplishments and awards; thank you to all the individuals, organizations, and communities who chose to get there with GreenTrips.


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